Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Hated Transition

So I figured it was about time that I put something new on my blog and acknowledged that I still have one.

I would like to complain about a much hated transition in the life of a toddler. To nap or not to nap...that is the question. My kids rarely nap after they are two and he will be two in January. I am at the point where I seriously don't know if I should let him nap or not.

After many failed attempts to give him a nap at his usual time I began putting him down an hour later. That worked for a while, but now he is fighting that. So, I decide to let him out and skip the nap, but then he will randomly fall asleep. (I remember when my other kids were going through this phase and I got some really funny sleeping pictures.) After the random nap he will wake up grumpy and clingy and I won't get anything done and he will cry endlessly without know what he wants for consolation.

At this point I don't care if he naps or not I just wish he could make up his mind.

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brooke said...

i know the feeling, only mine is only 14 months. since he was 8 months he has been a horrible napper. i believe that part of that is because he lives half of his life in the car, taking his sisters to and from school and running needful errands with mommy. poor kid. and he's only #3. good luck to you and your nap endeavors!